Kevin Sinclair,

2021 Candidate


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Kevin Sinclair

2021 Election Takeaways

Because of you, the PPC is firmly established, strengthened and poised to continue its exponential growth.

Maxime Bernier, will now have the opportunity to articulate on a national stage how and why the PPC offers the best solutions for the complex problems our country faces.

The Conservative Party of Canada has proven itself to be a Liberal Party equivalent on so many key issues that their exclusive vote splitting argument is now completely empty and void of cogency.

Fiscal irresponsibility - Against the backdrop of unsustainable national debt and rising inflation they abandoned conservative monetary policy to purchase votes.

From “NO CARBON TAX PLEDGE” to unveiled carbon tax plan – With a big smile, Erin O’Toole signs Canadian Taxpayers Federation no carbon tax pledge June 18, 2020. We all know the rest of the story.

Weak on crime while penalizing licensed, vetted law respecting firearms owners.

Revoking your fundamental and guaranteed Charter freedoms.

Supporting Links

Fiscal Irresponsibility
- Conservatives want to spend more than last Liberal budget.
- Erin O'Toole warns that the liberals may bankrupt the country to win the next election.

Conservative Party Carbon Tax Plan
- Taxpayers Federation slams CPC leader, Erin O'Toole for announcing his own carbon tax.

Weak On Crime
- O'Toole flips positions on guns, saying he would maintain Liberal banned firearms list.

Revoking Fundamental Freedoms
- Conservative leader Erin O'Toole promises national proof of vaccine.

The PPC is the only political party with serious and practical policies that put Canadians first and move us in a new direction towards a strong prosperous and free nation for generations to come. Read the comprehensive PPC Platform here.

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