Kevin Sinclair,

2021 Candidate


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Kevin Sinclair

Despite Mounting Challenges

Despite these and other mounting challenges our country faces we are not without hope and have much to be thankful for. Unjust and unsound legislation can be repealed. To take the next big step into contention the PPC will need Canadians to know what we are fighting for and not just what we oppose, or worse, what the mainstream media frames us as being. Because of you we are now poised to do this very thing!

The PPC is not Anti-vaccine! The PPC is dedicated to protecting the fundamental rights of all Canadians enshrined in our Constitution via the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Balancing the budget over one term by cutting government spending on things like corporate welfare, foreign aid – also known as “phantom aid” by critics for failing to reach its intended recipients – and restructuring the equalization formula.

Helping families and businesses by removing inter-provincial trade and employment barriers that “cost Canadians roughly $100 billion in lost economic opportunities annually”.

Putting the brakes on Canada’s march toward global government, re-establishing our sovereignty by ending U.N. agreements, countering climate change alarmism and restoring the economic engine of our oil and gas industries, “a major source of employment, government revenues and economic well-being for all Canadians”.

Decentralizing health care to increase accountability and necessary systemic innovation.

The Facts

The PPC is not Anti-vaccine!
- COVID Health Measures
- Freedom of Expression

Balancing the budget
- Public Finance
- Equalization

Helping families and businesses
- Internal Trade

Putting the brakes on
- Global Warming and the Environment
- Pipelines

Decentralizing health care
- Healthcare

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