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2021 Candidate


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Rob Bogunovic

My Profile

I paid my way through college and university by working as a stock clerk at Save-On-Foods. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University College of the Fraser Valley, and went to UBC to get my Bachelors of Education, graduating in 1998. I later earned my Masters of Education from City University.

During these years I was baptized, and in 2000 I began attending Glad Tidings Fellowship where I became a Deacon. I was one of the coordinators for Love Chilliwack, connecting churches in a co-operative effort to serve our city. Beginning in 2009, I dedicated Friday nights to volunteering at Ruth and Naomi's missions. I later shifted to supporting Cyrus Centre, a new ministry, serving as a neighborhood ambassador for two years.

More recently I have sponsored and funded the CSS Breakfast Program in the school where I work, supplying breakfast to youth who show up hungry. This program runs with the cooperation of the Aboriginal support team at Chilliwack Secondary School, and it is open to all students. I have also sponsored a number of student clubs at CSS, including CSU (Christian Students United – formerly known as Soul Tattoo), the Diversity Alliance (pro-inclusion/anti-bullying), and the Games Club.

Post Election Thoughts

With the election campaign over, I would like to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to all those who stood with us and supported the People’s Party of Canada. I would also like to congratulate Mark Strahl on another victory, and to thank the other candidates for choosing to participate in the democratic process.

It was a very difficult campaign, being sprung with little warning, and being restricted to a mere five weeks. The all-candidates meetings were reduced in number and were relegated to Zoom. For us it was a very different campaign than 2019. We received a lot more support from the community, and our meet n’ greets were always well attended. The enthusiasm was palpable, but so was the fear of what was to come. Many expressed their fear that, in resisting being vaccinated, they will lose their jobs. I know that there are a great many pushing back against this, and the PPC is just part of that much larger movement. The fight for our rights and freedoms will continue.

For me this election campaign has cost more than just the hours and money I chose to invest. A social media smear campaign was launched against me and my wife. The attacks upon my wife were most disturbing to me as she is a very private person who has already endured so much sorrow and suffering. She was in no way deserving of the hated unleased against her.

Another consequence of this harassment has been the launching of an investigation by my school board. I have been placed on an administrative leave, and I don’t expect that I’ll be returning to the classroom anytime soon. I count myself lucky that, at least at present, I’ll be collecting a salary. I know a great many others do not have that luxury as their jobs and careers are being taken from them.

I find myself at a crossroads. A twenty-year career appears to be at its end, and while it saddens me as I love teaching, the prospects are not good that this campaign of harassment will even cease, the architects of it being quite relentless, and the measures to defend against it being quite limited. However, I remain hopeful that much good will come of all this, for as one door closes, others will open.

I don’t believe it likely that I’ll ever again put my name forward as a candidate, but I do plan to continue engaging people in the difficult conversations that must be had. We are a society struggling with deep divides. Some are ideological, some are cultural, and all these divides appear to be deepening. My hope is that in discussing our differences today, in appealing to the better angels of our nature, our tomorrows will see us meet not as enemies, but as friends, despite what differences remain.

Rob Bogunovic
PPC Chilliwack-Hope

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